Walton County Road and River Report

Geneva Flooding
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Areas of Walton County Florida are still being affected by recent rain.

The National Weather Service (NWS) has issued a flood warning for the Choctawhatchee River near SR 20. The warning will continue until further notice.

According to a press release from the Walton County Sheriff’s Office, 11 roads in Walton and seven roads in Freeport have been damaged by floods. Additionally, the release states that Geneva County is shutting down Alaflo Road in reference to a bridge in Geneva County being washed out.

The roads damaged are as follows:

South Walton damaged roads, Deputy Confirmed.

1.) Per K303, on Wood Beach Dr. advised that there is some standing water in the culverts, but the homes appear to be fine.
2.) Per K303, on Old Ferry Rd (Dirt Rd section) may be passable by truck or car. Small amount of water on the dirt section.
3.) Per K303, on Sea Croft, there is some water standing and is passable at this time.
4.) Per K303, at the intersection of Denny Dr. and Bella Blvd has a large sinkhole going up under the roadway. This is located inside the Peach Creek Neighborhood. If large or heavy truck passes it may collapse roadway.
5.) Per K303, Walton Magnolia Lane is still closed. Signs have been placed.

North Walton damaged roads, Deputy confirmed.

1.) Per 418, Morrison Springs, water is up to the park, but not into the park. Both bridges are passable, but water is up to the bottom of both.
2.) Per 418, River Rd at McCaskill Road, road is passable to the first bridge. The remainder is not passable.
3.) Per 418, Cedar Log Lake Road is passable, Park and boat ramp are flooded with standing water.
4.) Per 418, Berrian Lake Road is still passable all the way to the old boat ramp, and the roadway is very slick. However, there is standing water in several yards in the area. Chelco has cut power for Berrian Lake Rd. Water is coming over the landing 150-200 yards from the landing. River is out of banks at camp house. Flooded 100 yards past 896 Berrian Lake Road, not passable in car.
5.) Per 418, 700 Block Mill Creek Dr. is washed but is passable.
6.) Per 418, Sandy Creek Landing Rd. is passable until the last 50 feet, then under water.

Freeport damaged roads, Deputy confirmed.

1.) Per 222, Big Cedar Rd has water coming over the road all the way to the park. Water is well under the bottom of the guardrails and the park is still under water.
2.) Per 222, the bridge on Choctawhatchee Rd is washed out, and water is up to the bridge crossing and is not passable at this time.
3.) Per 222 Cowford Rd is passable approximately 1.9 miles, and advised that the rest is under water and not passable at this time.
4.) Per 222, Rooks Bluff boat ramp parking area is still flooded.
5.) Per 222, B.H Reddick road just past Britt Rd is passable but the road is uneven and still has large holes.
6.) Per 357, Dead River Rd has a lot of soft spots and is not passable without a 4x4.
7.) Per 222, 12033 Co. Highway 3280, the yard and ditches are flooded and the house appears safe.

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