Walton County Burglary Arrest

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Investigators with the Walton County Sheriff's Office (WCSO) have solved a residential burglary that occurred in Santa Rosa Beach last week.

The residence at 735 Loblolly Bay was burglarized on February 10th and several items were reported missing from the home. Several rings, including the victim's engagement ring, a handgun, some clothing items and birth control pills were taken from the home.

Deputies on scene found the windows of the back door were smashed in and the door appeared to be the point of entry into the home.

A few days later, a neighbor of the victim contacted the WCSO and advised a gun had been located on his property. Deputies took the gun into custody and verified it matched the stolen gun.

The stolen rings were located in Okaloosa County where they were pawned. As a side note, the engagement ring of the victim was stolen months earlier and recovered by WCSO investigators, only to have it stolen once more and recovered again.

According to investigators, at this time, there appears to be no connection to the two separate cases of theft.

Investigators were able to track down a suspect, Brennon Jeffrey Lawrence, 21, of Santa Rosa Beach. Lawrence was arrested and charged with Burglary, Criminal Mischief, and Grand Theft of a Firearm. He was transported and booked into the Walton County Department of Corrections.

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