Walmart Petition in Connecticut

Gun violence survivors joined dozens of Walmart customers to demand the retail giant honor a 2004 pledge and stop the sale of assault weapons and ammunitions in their stores nationwide.

Gun violence survivors, consumer watchdogs and concerned Americans rallied outside the Walmart in Danbury, and delivered a letter from survivors asking Walmart to honor the pledge.

"Members of the community are demanding that the nation's largest gun retailer stop breaking its 2004 promise to end the sales of assault weapons," said Taren Stinebrickner-Kauffman, executive director of "If Walmart wants to call itself a family-friendly store, it needs to stop profiting off dangerous weapons designed to kill large numbers of people. Walmart has an opportunity to help put an end to these tragedies, and we demand that it join us in saying enough."

According to, nearly 300,000 consumers have signed the petition in solidarity with gun violence survivors, demanding the company stop selling assault weapons and put people over profits.

"As an elementary school teacher, I am obligated to keep my students safe from harm. I want to see gun violence end, and a step in a positive direction would be for Walmart, the nation's largest gun retailer, to stop selling assault weapons completely," said fourth grade teacher Lauren Buglino, who launched her petition on

On Tuesday afternoon, Walmart spokesman Kory Lundberg released a statement and said, "Walmart sells assault-style weapons in less than a third of our stores, and when we do sell them we go above and beyond the requirements of the law to make sure it's done safely."

Lundberg went on to say, "We certainly understand there are a lot of thoughts on this issue on striking the right balance between serving our customers who are huntsmen and sportsmen."

For Alabama, Florida, and Georgia, the states do not require a license or registration on any firearm purchased.

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