Walmart Express Coming to Headland

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HEADLAND, AL -- More jobs are coming to one Wiregrass city as a new business prepares to open.

A Walmart Express is coming to Headland.

Headland Mayor Ray Marler says this Walmart Express is will be the first one of its kind in Alabama.

It is at the interesection of County Road 99 and Highway 431.

The store will have groeceries, a gas station, check cashing and a pharmacy.

Mayor Marler says this is a good addition to the city.

"You get some push back from some of them but we are going to continue as we grow and prosper as we have a vision of growing our city to embrace the new business but also embrace our older business that has been here for a long time," said Mayor Marler.

Marler says the Walamrt Express will bring 20-30 jobs to the city.

It is expected to open by October.

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