Wallace Community College's GED Graduation

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Sunday, 43 graduates earned their high school diplomas. Many came from Wallace Community College's Adult Education Program, while others took the GED test on their own. Regardless, it's quite the accomplishment.

“Every day, I get inspiration stories from the people who worked so hard to get this credential. And I’m so proud, especially on a day like today,” explained Linda Watson, director of Adult Education at Wallace Community College.

Some overlook the achievement of earning a GED and others once viewed it as unattainable. Each graduate earned theirs at a different pace. It took 30 hours for some and only 12 for others. However, one graduate proved nothing is impossible.

“Totaling 1,288 hours. Katie kept coming. Katie kept persisting. It took her five tries, but she received her GED,” stated Watson.

Katie Boykin spent four years in the Adult Education Program.

Dean of Wallace Community College, Tony Holland, said “If you want more than the average person has, you must be willing to do more than what the average person is willing to do.”

Now, she has the opportunity to follow her dream and enroll in Wallace’s Child Development Program. Others will, too, continue on to higher education.

“Some already enrolled here in Wallace Community College, and some of the others have indicated that they plan to enroll,” said Watson.

Educators urge anyone who did not finish this year's test to enroll in the program's free classes—a new test comes out in January 2014.

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