Wadlington Site On The Market Again

An anticipated business will no longer be opening in downtown Dothan.

The Downtown Dothan Redevelopment Authority approved the project last July.

Cobb Law Firm was expected to open a new office in the empty lot next to River Nile, where the Wadlington Hotel used to be.

They also wanted to put a bed and breakfast on the second and third floors.

Construction was expected to begin within six months of approving the project.

However, it never happened...

"There core practice is law and that's what they really had to focus on. The bed and breakfast just added more of an element than what they needed to take on. And they just felt like, and we tend to agree with them that site has potential for such a large development and they wanted to make sure it got done right," said Jansen Tidmore.

The property has been put back on the market.

If you are interested in the space, you can call the DDRA at 334-699-8118.