WIRED Ministries Is Making A Difference

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Wired Ministries hosts a week-long experience giving students the chance to give back to their community.

Wired Ministries has been bringing churches together for the greater good of the community since 2008.

"Its a youth event for Dothan where a lot of the churches come together and do ministry work and do different things that need to be done around Dothan, " says participant Melia Cotter.

"It is a fantastic ministry that is making a lot of change in the Wiregrass, " says one Ministry Leader Brad Kite.

"In all everyday between the volunteers that are going out to feed these sites, deliver products like building materials there a literally over 900 people, a thousand actually over a thousand people that are in motion everyday, " says Wired Camp Director Mark Anderson.

Love In Action is just one of the many sites the 55 groups will be working at all week.

"At this site, we are working for love in action international ministries, we are going to be doing a little bit of demo, were going to be doing some painting, pulling up carpet so were trying to help them renovate this building and get it ready and working for future homeless folks to move in to have some short term living quarters," says Kite.

"It really builds the actual church community and shows the youth of today what the church needs to be doing and what a joyful heart we serve," says Cotter.

"Wired exist to be able to unite our churches to be able to serve our community, " says Anderson.

Cotter says the fact that the program has grown so much since its start, shows that God is really using it.

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