WCC Students Prepping for 4-Year College

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Dothan, AL - For many students, Wallace Community College is the first step to a successful career. Now they're looking to take that second step.

"I plan on transferring to a bible college in Texas. So, I kind of already know the direction I want to go, but I'm still coming to things like this to keep an open mind," said WCC student Trevor Twine.

That's where a career fair, like the one held Wednesday, can help them weigh their options. Leaders say about 300 students stopped by today to speak with recruiters.

There are a lot of options. Seventeen universities were at the college fair, but for many students it really comes down to finances.

WCC student Shaquitra Taylor said, "Pretty much financial. Apply for different colleges and see what happens with scholarships."

Once those finances are worked out, what about transferring credits? That's where Alabama and Florida college recruiters are happy to help.

"The great thing when you start off at a college like Wallace, they can follow what's called a STARS guide, and all of their classes they take here will transfer to any four year school in the state," said Troy University eCommunications Coordinator Jeremy Short.

Students say spending two years at Wallace was just enough time to prepare them for a bigger, four-year school.

"It's a good way to sit down and let you focus before you go off to college and get real crazy," said Twine. Hopefully that focus won't be left behind.

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