Volunteers to Build Oyster Reef on Ala Coast

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FAIRHOPE, Ala. (AP) -- Hundreds of people are volunteering to help with a major marine restoration project along Alabama's coast.

About 700 people have signed up to help build a new section of oyster reef on the eastern shore of Mobile Bay on Saturday.

Volunteers will use more than 20,000 interlocking blocks to create four reefs off Pelican Point in Baldwin County.

Leaders say the area has suffered from erosion and habitat loss, and the project aims to restore some of the damage.

The new sections will make about 2.5 miles of reefs built using grants and private donations. The eventual goal is to construct 100 miles of reefs and to restore and protect 1,000 acres of coastal marshes and seagrass.

The restored areas will provide habitat for fish, birds and shellfish.