Volunteers Needed in the Wiregrass

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Buying presents for others isn’t the only way to give back this holiday season.
Area representatives say volunteering your time is just as important.

“Every time we've reached out to the community they responded in a huge way.” Executive Director of the Wiregrass Childrens Home, Christie Armstrong said.

Christie Armstrong says this year, it's not been any different.

As executive director of the wiregrass children's home, Armstrong says she's seen how quickly people will donate gifts and food when needed.
But this year the home and many other organizations need help in another way.

“It makes the biggest difference when people can pull together in the community.” Armstrong says.

“So we decided to create a list specifically for volunteer opportunities for agencies here in the wiregrass, that need help.” Wiregrass 211 executive director, David Duke said.

”if someone wanted to do something for the home this time of the year, we can always use help wrapping Christmas presents for the kids. Some of the packages that come in are not wrapped. We like to have all of them wrapped for the children on Christmas morning.” Armstrong said.

The united way 2-1-1 hopes the list will show people how many places really need help.

“Of course during the holidays it's difficult to get volunteers so were making an appeal but we are also making it easy by putting the information out on the web.” Duke said.

“And whatever that cause is, whatever your hearts cry is, to be able to work in the community and be a part of what’s going on, I would encourage anybody to get out and serve.” Armstrong said.

And as an advocate for happiness on the holidays, Armstrong says...
“Christmas morning, if someone’s looking to be a part of a family. We'd be happy to have you.”

Armstrong says if they get enough volunteers they will direct people to other organizations in the wiregrass.

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