Volunteers Needed for Dothan Miracle League

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Professional pitchers and catchers will report for spring training in less than a week, but in Dothan, a local organization has a little more than a month to get ready for its big season.

“The Dothan Miracle League is a place that provides opportunity for anybody to play baseball. We all have different abilities,” said Allen Singley, Board of Director President for the Dothan Miracle League. “We don’t look at disabilities we look at abilities and sometimes different abilities provide a unique set of challenges. So we provided a league and an atmosphere which anyone can more and enjoy the game of baseball.”

The Dothan Miracle League will hold its opening ceremony on March 15. On average, 150 athletes participate in the league, but it takes more than athletes to play ball.

“What makes the Dothan Miracle League work is not only the greatest group of athletes in all the world to me, but is our volunteers. For every athlete we try to have what we call a buddy. So if we have 150 athletes we need 150 buddies. That doesn’t count coaches and umpires and everybody else,” said Singley.

That is where you come in. The league needs volunteers so that all athletes can enjoy America’s past time, but according to Singley, it might be hard to see who is really benefiting from the league.

“You as the buddy will end up having probably the greater blessing than the athlete but they are going to love on you and they are going to think you are the coolest thing to come out there and play baseball with them it means the world to them. And honestly there are some that unless somebody came and was able to give some kind of hand or assistance probably wouldn’t be able to get out and play the game.”

Proving, that you don’t need to be an All-Star in order to step up to the plate.

To become a buddy, fill out the application here: http://dothan.org/index.aspx?NID=377.

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