Volunteer Firefighters Ask for Resident and County Support

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Volunteer firefighters put their lives on the line every time a fire call comes in, but Houston County fire departments need help from the community.

Volunteer Firefighters in Houston County need funding and local support. It’s a problem that departments across the country are facing and if its not taken care of, it could affect resident’s lives and wallets.

On Thursday, representatives from the Houston County Firefighter Association sat down with county officials to talk numbers. According to Cowarts Volunteer Fire Department Chief Roger Nall, there has not been an increase in funding since 1989, but the cost of equipment and other operating costs have skyrockets over the years, leaving volunteer departments in close-to-critical conditions.

“We need support from the community not just firefighters we need financial support were not in a process of going out of business,” explained Jimmy Posey, Chief of Ashford Fire Department. “We just know that long-term we are going to have to start getting some additional funding put some place.”

If fire departments have to close as a result of a lack of funding or volunteers, it will negatively affect the city’s ISO rating which will increase the cost of resident’s homeowner’s insurance.

To help out your local volunteer fire department, Posey says to call them and find out what kind of support they need. If you don’t know what volunteer fire department serves your area, contact the Houston County Sheriff’s Department.

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