The Value of Location

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The US China Manufacturing Symposium is over, but according to Deloitte, the work has only begun.

Working for Deloitte, Darin Buelow and Aaron Grundman are no strangers to international business. oth men flew into Dothan on Thursday to share their expertise on the value of choosing a business location.

According to Buelow there are six different factors businesses need to consider when looking to expand in the United States. They are logistics, labor, real estate, utilities, taxes and incentives, but there is one factor not on the list that is the most important.

“Every little experience that the company has when they come to a community is important. Those emotional connections, explained Buelow. “They are either forged or they are lost on those trips.”

The Circle City has rolled out the red carpet for our international guests during the symposium, but, the last 48-hours were only the beginning.

“I think you’re showing your serious; I think that everyone’s expectations need to be calibrated. If there is anything that we have learned from the Chinese it’s that things take a lot of patience’s in order to win deals. You heard the announcements earlier today, a couple of those, one of those took two years. This seminar, this summit is a step,” said Buelow.

However, before jumping into a long-term business relationship Buelow and Grundman say that both the business and the community need to be on the same page.

“One point I had for the Chinese companies – give the location decision the respect it deserves, because you are going to live with it forever. And for the communities – you really need to know yourself and know your strength, know what kind of business you should be able to attract based on the strengths that you have and understand who your client is.”

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