Update: Casey Anthony Murder Trial

The defense is expected to rest later today at the Casey Anthony trial in Orlando. The 25-year old mother is accused of killing her young daughter. Whether she'll take the stand in her own defense is still unclear.

A woman who said she had an affair with Casey Anthony's father took the stand for the defense. Krystal Holloway , a volunteer who helped search for Caylee, told the court she met George Anthony in a tent and developed a relationship with him.

Holloway testified that George Anthony described what happened to his 2 year old granddaughter during a heart to heart conversation.

Defense Witness Krystal Holloway said, “He had said it was an accident that snowballed out of control. I was in shock and by the time I looked up his eyes were filled with tears.”

But prosecutors questioned her credibility. Holloway sold her story to the National Enquirer for $4000 dollars.

Holloway said, “I felt the media edit certain things and make me look like trash. He gave me the chance to tell my story in full.”

George Anthony denies having an affair with Holloway.
Yesterday, he may have dealt the defense a blow when he broke into tears telling jurors about his suicide attempt after his granddaughter's body was found.

The Defendant's Father, George Anthony, said, "I need to get through this, I need to have something inside of me get through this."

In a suicide note, George Anthony revealed he had unanswered questions about his granddaughter's death.
But the defense claims he was in the know and helped cover up Caylee's death after she drowned in his pool.

The judge says the case could be in jurors hands as soon as this weekend.

Caylee's remains were found were found in the woods near her grandparent's home in December 2008.

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