Update: Casey Anthony Murder Trial

It’s day two in the Casey Anthony murder trial.

Prosecutors are trying to show jurors that Anthony didn’t seem upset at all that her child was missing.

They were once Casey Anthony’s friends.

Now they’re testifying in her murder trial.

Three former Orlando college students and a girlfriend all said Casey Anthony seemed happy at a time when prosecutors claim her daughter was already missing or dead.

Maria Kissh testified Anthony entered a “hot body” contest at a nightclub a few days after 2 year old Caylee was last seen.

But in a possible boost for the defense, Kissh also testified that when she rode in Anthony’s car—she didn’t smell anything bad... Prosecutors claim that at some point Caylee’s body was in that car—and it left a foul odor.

Prosecutors also called a neighbor of the Anthony’s –who testified that Casey had borrowed a shovel from him –for about an hour –the day after Caylee was last seen.

The defense attorney asked if the shovel was dirty when she returned it. The neighbor promptly said, “No. And she wasn't sweaty like she'd been digging a ditch. No.”

After years of hearing about Casey Anthony many residents in Orlando are ready for this trial to be over…but it’s still a spectacle that’s brought out trial tourists.

Cathie Filian from Los Angeles waited in line with her mom to get seats in court. When asked what fascinated her so much about the trial Fillian said, “Originally it was her antics, her lies and the sort of fairy tale roller coaster she took everyone on. Many people can't understand how a mother could do that.”

It's Casey’s defense that her daughter's death was not a murder - but a tragic accident.

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