Update on Foster Street Construction

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Construction crews are working to finish the first part of their five-phase project on north Foster Street.

"As far as this first phase goes, we are just replacing the old water lines.” Construction worker Brad Elmore said.

As they were digging up the lines, crews found something unusual.

“There actually was an old wooden water line that ran down foster.”

“I heard about them but I haven’t ever seen one till we came to work in Dothan. It was neat digging it up and looking at it.” Construction worker Chuck Brown said.

Gravel now fills the spot where these water lines once stood, meaning crews are one step closer to completing phase one.

“And when we get done with this we are going to tie in all the services and all the buildings.” Brown said.

Brown says work could take another couple of weeks, as long as the weather cooperates.

Once the construction is complete, Foster Street will be resurfaced.

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