Unusually Cool Summer Across Alabama, Wiregrass

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This summer's temperatures could actually set some records, but not in the way you might expect.

What we've seen this summer has been abnormal to say the least.

In fact, most residents say that hundred degree weather is all they've known.

"I don't ever remember a summer being this cool as it was this year." says one.

Meteorologists say the weather is a result of one thing.

"It's just basically been the rain." says 4Warn Storm Team Meteorologist Nate Harrington.

It's only been 90 degrees or warmer for one-third of this summer.

I think the lack of 90 degree days has been the biggest thing.

In Summer 2011, there were nine days of 100 degrees temps or higher.

Last year, Temps were above average.

This year, they've been well below average.

Not exactly the summer that Alabama visitors expected.

But not everyone is complaining.

Folks in the car business say their sales pick up as farmers and construction workers break for the weather.

Perhaps the most shocking day of summer: a high of 72 on the fourth of July.

According to records that date back to the 19th century, this summer could go down in the books as the 4th coolest in Alabama history.

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