UPDATE: Hazmat Team Determines Letter Safe

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This story was updated at 10:55 a.m.

An unknown substance that caused the evacuation of the Dothan Police parking lot has been determined safe.

A resident received a letter this morning and told authorities that it caused a burning sensation to his nose and face. The resident called the police department and told them that he was bringing the letter in.

Once the resident arrived at the department, Dothan Hazmat began testing on the letter. For safety reasons, the parking lot was evacuated.

Testing on the letter did not reveal any type of dangerous substance.

The area has been determined safe, area roads that were closed due to the letter testing have been reopened.

Authorities say that if residents believe they have come in contact with a dangerous substance to stay in place in order to stop further contamination.

WTVY has received reports that an unknown substance has been recovered in the Dothan Police Parking lot.

A suspicious letter is being tested. Adams Road and North Saint Andrews Street has been blocked off in front of Dothan Police Department.

The letter caused the parking lot of the police department to be evacuated. Dothan Hazmat, Police and Fire all responded to the scene.

We will have more information as it becomes available. WTVY's Bethany Anderson is at the scene.

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