Unkept Properties Cause Headache for Neighbors

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DOTHAN, AL -- Overgrown weeds and grass can certainly cause an eyesore for an entire neighborhood. That's what Dothan resident John TwoFeathers is dealing with now.

TwoFeathers said he feels as though he has tried every avenue to try to get the property owner to take care of the area. He is fed up with looking at a dilapidated home next door.

City Officials said they have heard about 300 complaints of overgrown properties since the beginning of the year.

They said they cannot do anything until a complaint is filed and city personnel survey the area. The weeds must be a certain height in order to file the formal complaint.

"It has to be at least 12 inches high. If it doesn't meet that description, he'll just close out," Planning & Development Director Todd L. McDonald said.

Once a formal complaint is filed and the city has found the property's weeds are higher than a foot, they will give the property owner ten days to manage their property. If they don't comply, it is turned over to the city clerk.