University of Alabama Trustees Approve Tuition Hike

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TUSCALOOSA, Alabama -- The University of Alabama Board of Trustees approved tuition raises at all three of its campuses Friday morning.

Starting in August, yearly in-state tuition for two semesters will be increased 2.7 percent to $9,450 at the University of Alabama; 6 percent to $8,904 at UAB, and 4.5 percent to $9,192 at UAH.

The percentage increases amount to $250 more per year for UA students, $504 per year for UAB students and $398 per year for UAH students.

Ray Hayes, executive vice chancellor for finance and operations, said keeping resident tuition rates below $10,000 per year was an important consideration and a rare find for other state schools across the country.

Presentations to the Board included a look at the decrease in state appropriations in recent years, as funding dropped from $640 million in 2008 to $470 million in 2013.

Non-resident tuition will also see a marked increase for the 2013-2014 school year.

Yearly non-resident tuition for two semesters will increase 4.4 percent to $23,950 at the University of Alabama; 6 percent to $20,394 at UAB, and 1.9 percent to $21,506 at UAH.

Though students and families will be digging deeper into their pockets to cover their tuition bills this year, this is the smallest percentage increase seen in recent years.

Hayes said the system is "very concerned" about affordability but must also continue to provide a quality education for students and their families.

The proposed tuition hike is estimated to raise an additional $15,775,000 at UA annually, according to a memo from the Financial Affairs office.

In a statement to students, UA President Judy Bonner commented on the hike.

"I want to assure you that, despite significant cuts in our state appropriations during this economic downturn, UA continues to use our resources effectively and efficiently," Bonner wrote. "We understand the impact that any tuition increase, even a minimal one, has on our students and their families, especially during difficult economic times, and we will continue to work hard to control costs. And, we will continue to provide information about and access to resources that can help students and their parents cope with this increase."

Friday's meeting wraps up a busy week for the UA System, which announced Wednesday it would pay U.S. Rep. Jo Bonner, R-Mobile, $350,000 in his new position as vice chancellor of economic development and governmental relations. The Board also approved several resolutions regarding the construction of five new Greek house on the Tuscaloosa campus.

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