United Way Announces 2013 Campaign Goal

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"We need a lot of enthusiasm and momentum so that's why we do this event," said United Way CEO, Walter Hill.

The Wiregrass United Way kicked off its pacesetter campaign Thursday.
80 companies within 5 area counties are joining forces to reach this years goal.

"The goal this year is $2.6 million it's about 4 percent over last year's goal of $2.5 we feel like it's attainable and we'll get there," Wiregrass County Chairperson Charles Buntin.

The money raised will help 37 agencies throughout the Wiregrass.

"It's all the counties working together and without us working together there's no way we can achieve it 2.6 million dollars is a lot of money but the needs for exceed 2.6 million dollars."

"The needs are critical out there in our community," Hill said.

The pacesetters are the driving forces behind reaching this year's goal.

"Most of our campaign is run by people who give in their paychecks without that there's no way we can make this goal work. In the very end if we have to we'll make house calls," Buntin said.

This years motto is believe there is good in the world and be the good.

If the group reaches its goal, the Wiregrass foundation will add $400,000 to the total.

Officials will announce the total amount collected on September 19th.

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