Unique Way To Solve Bee Problem

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An Ozark man is getting rid of Holman Mansion’s unwanted guests.

The last owner might have moved out, but something else is calling the Holman Mansion home.

Ozark Beekeeper John Rhein said, "Somebody said they had bees in the column, I came up and looked at it and it looked like something I could do. So I contacted the Mayor’s office and asked if I could remove the bees.”

“Bees are very smart animals, just amazing what they do, but then at the same time they can be pretty stupid.”

Stupid enough to fall for John Rhein’s trap.

Rhein said, “I put another hive right there, queen, brood, and everything something for them to do. They naturally want to take care of their brood. So these bees, especially when it started raining, went in my box and now they have become a part of that hive.”

And they can’t figure out how to get back into the column.
It’s a more creative way than killing and destroying what is inside.

Even when the bees do decide to find a new home, the city says all of the columns have to come down.

Ozark Mayor Billy Blackwell said, “The columns that have been there since 1912 wooden columns that have taken some abuse by the weather. And certainly they need replacing.”

Replacement will be upwards of $70,000. The non-profit group that will run the mansion is looking at fundraising to fund the project. All to help preserve a pillar of Ozark since the early 1900’s.

Blackwell said, “Preserving our history and not letting it go and giving it full attention. If you preserve your history then people know you are going to take care of your community.”

The bees only have a lifespan of 6 weeks. So the new generation of bees will call the hive in the trap home. Then John Rhein will take the hive away from the column, solving the problem.

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