U.S. Republican Senator Jeff Sessions Attends U.S.- China Symposium

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The city of Dothan has played a major role in building relationships between U.S and Chinese leaders. That role has caught the eye of an Alabama Senator.

U.S. Republican Senator Jeff Sessions created an open dialog, addressing the needs for American and Chinese leaders to team up.

"It's so important for America to have a good relationship with china," said Sessions.

Sessions elaborated on the benefits of foreign manufacturing companies investing in the state of Alabama.

"Our taxes are lower than some. Cost of living is less. We’ve got a talented hardworking workforce that companies look for."

Sessions specifically praised Dothan leaders for proactively expanding their business potential.

"I think that spoke really well for this conference. Mayor Schmitz is excited about possibilities," said Sessions.

Possibilities for new bonds, more jobs and better business

"It’s good; I mean we have a tangible agreement that will result in progress and a good step here,” said Sessions.

Towards the end of sessions open discussion with leaders he opened the floor for questions. Issues like taxes and minimum wage were brought up. Specific details will be addressed in time. Senator Sessions serves as the ranking minority member on the Senate budget committee.

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