U.S. Postal Service Combats Hunger With Area Food Banks

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The Wiregrass Area Food Bank fought hunger on Saturday. The Stamp Out Hunger food drive kept a steady flow of non-perishable items—something volunteers say are crucial.

“It’s always a rare treat when we get non-perishables that can sit on the shelf and give our agencies some time to distribute the food without having to actually to refrigerate any product,” expressed Julie Gonzalez with the Wiregrass Area Food Bank.

This food drive could not have come at a better time, now that summer is only a few weeks away.

Gonzalez explained, “During summertime, people go on summer vacations, the kids get out of school, nobody is doing food drives, and nobody thinks about it that much.”

The entire country participates in this program, making it one of the largest food donations for the year. Food banks everywhere teamed up with the postal service.

“I’m just the first truck, so we have many trucks to come. It helps to replenish the food bank throughout the year,” said Linda Carroll, a letter carrier in the Dothan area.

All of the items brought in to the food bank will be filtered into the Wiregrass community.

“It’s a huge benefit to them—for those who can't afford to get food. Also, for people who need help in tough times, so I think it’s a really good thing that they do here in this community,” stated volunteer, Eric Mansfield.

Last year, the food bank received roughly 40,000 pounds of food. The organization is confident the Wiregrass will be just as generous this time around.

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