US News: Korean Tensions; European Nuclear Talks with Iran Fail

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SEOUL, South Korea (AP) -- South Korea says its top military officer has put off a plan to visit Washington due to current tension with North Korea.
South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Jung Seung-jo had planned to meet his U.S. counterpart, Gen. Martin Dempsey, in Washington on April 16 for regular talks.
Seoul's Joint Chiefs of Staff said Sunday the allies have agreed to reschedule the meeting because Jung couldn't be away from South Korea for several days at a time when North Korea is escalating its threats to attack.
North Korea has threatened to launch attacks on South Korea and the U.S. and produce more fuel for nuclear weapons. It is protesting South Korea-U.S. military drills and toughened international sanctions on the country.
The U.S. has 28,500 troops in South Korea.

WASHINGTON (AP) -- A senior U.S. defense official says the Pentagon has delayed an intercontinental ballistic missile test for next week at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California amid mounting tensions with North Korea.
The official says Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel delayed the long-planned Minuteman 3 test because of concerns the launch could be misinterpreted and exacerbate the current Korean crisis.
The official was not authorized to speak publicly and requested anonymity.
North Korea's military has warned that it was authorized to attack the U.S. using "smaller, lighter and diversified" nuclear weapons.
South Korean officials say the North moved at least one missile with "considerable range" to its east coast, suggesting a launch could be imminent .
U.S. and South Korean military exercises have been ongoing, with warships and bombers in the region.

ALMATY, Kazakhstan (AP) -- The EU's foreign policy chief says that nuclear talks between Iran and six world powers have failed to reach an agreement.
Catherine Ashton said Saturday that the talks revealed that "the two sides remain far apart on substance."
The six insist Iran cut back on its highest grade uranium enrichment production and stockpile, fearing Tehran will divert it from making nuclear fuel to form the material used in the core of nuclear warhead.
Iran's top nuclear negotiator says its' up to six world powers to demonstrate their "willingness and sincerity" in talks over Iran's nuclear program. Tehran insists it has a right to enrich but says it has no interest to use the technology to make weapons. It wants more sanctions relief than the six are offering for any concessions on its part.

RENO, Nev. (AP) -- Authorities say a body believed to be that of Nevada's chief insurance examiner was found wrapped in a blanket and bound with duct tape Saturday in a river in Carson City, and four suspects were arrested in the case.
Carson City Sheriff Ken Furlong says that while a positive identification and cause of death haven't been officially established, investigators believe the body found by searchers in the Carson River is that of 62-year-old William McCune, who disappeared earlier this week.
All four suspects are from the Carson City area but detectives are unsure of their relationship to McCune or motive for the slaying.
Still, Furlong says investigators continue to believe McCune's death concerned "personal" matters and was not work-related.
Michael Evans, who is 23, and 20-year-old Anthony Elliot were booked on murder charges, while 22-year-old Raul Garcia and 20-year-old Makyla Blackmore were arrested on burglary charges.

PHILADELPHIA (AP) -- Officials say a Philadelphia firefighter has died after part of a roof collapsed during a blaze he was battling.
Amy Daly, a nursing supervisor at Jefferson University Hospitals, confirmed the death to The Associated Press on Saturday evening. Officials tell the Philadelphia Inquirer that a second firefighter was injured while trying to rescue his colleague.
Officials say the fire burned a fabric store, upstairs apartments and a store next door in the city's Fabric Row section in south Philadelphia.
The dead firefighter's name was not immediately released, but other firefighters said he held the rank of captain in a ladder company.
The owners of the boutique that burned say everyone in the buildings when the fire broke out managed to get out safely.
The cause wasn't immediately known.

DENVER (AP) -- Authorities say a 62-year-old man was killed after falling 60 feet in a rock climbing accident in Colorado.
Karlyn Tilley, a spokeswoman for the Golden Fire Department, tells The Denver Post the man was climbing with his two adult children while using technical gear at a popular cliff about 20 miles west of Denver. She says he fell at about 1 p.m. Saturday.
About a dozen climbers who were nearby helped with the rescue and brought the man off the mountain within an hour of the fall.
Tilley says the man was unresponsive and not breathing when paramedics arrived.

Colo. dog owners: Train police to avoid shootings
DENVER (AP) -- Dog lovers concerned about recent cases where law enforcement officers fatally shot people's pets are lobbying Colorado lawmakers on a bill to train officials on how to handle canine encounters.
The bill unanimously passed its first hearing in a Senate committee Wednesday. The full Senate will consider it later.
Dozens of dog owners rallied at the Capitol for the bill. Some choked up when they testified in favor of the measure and recalled how their pets had been killed.
The proposal would require sheriff's and police departments to provide three hours of online training for deputies and officers on how to recognize dog behaviors and employ nonlethal methods to control them when necessary.
The County Sheriffs of Colorado worked on the legislation and supports it.