U.S District Judge Mark Fuller Charged with Misdemeanor Battery

A federal judge from Alabama is charged with misdemeanor battery after an alleged domestic violence incident with his wife.

U.S District Judge Mark Fuller was charged after police were called to an Atlanta Hotel Saturday night. In newly released 911 calls you can hear how distraught his wife Kelli Fuller was when she called to report it.

From: Atlanta Police Department
Dispatcher: What's going on?
Kelli Fuller:(sob)...domestic dispute...
Dispatcher: Excuse me?
Kelli Fuller:Domestic dispute(sob)...
Dispatcher: Ok, with yourself and who else?
Kelli Fuller:I'm calling...I need help.
Dispatcher: What's your name?
Kelli Fuller: Kelli. Fuller.
Dispatcher: Ok, do you need an ambulance?
Kelli Fuller:Yes, please.(sob)...
Dispatcher: You need an ambulance too?
Kelli Fuller:Yes, please.(sob)...

Authorities say Fuller's wife was treated for injuries, but he was not injured. Judge Fuller was arrested and spent the night in jail. He's currently free on bond. A hearing has been set for August 22nd.

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