UPDATE: Washington County Grand Jury Indict Two Men for the Murder of James William Shores

A Washington County grand jury has indicted two Alabama men for first-degree murder in the April killing of James William Shores.

Grand jurors found probable cause that 23-year-old Zachary Taylor Wood and 21-year-old Dillon Scott Rafsky, both of Geneva, Ala., committed first-degree murder, burglary while armed and robbery while armed.

A panel of senior prosecutors with the State Attorney’s Office will meet within the next few months to review the case and determine whether it meets the statutory requirements to pursue the death penalty.
Investigators said: Wood and Rafsky were out mudding in a stolen Jeep April 19 when they bogged down near a house at 2754 Dauphin Road.

They ransacked the house and were trying to free their
Jeep when the homeowner, Shores, arrived and told them to get off his property. The two men followed Shores around to the back of the house where they beat him with a garden hoe, then bound his hands and feet and left him facedown in the grass. They attempted and failed to light the still-living Shores on fire and then killed him with a shotgun
blast to the back of his head. They then stole his 2011 Toyota Camry and later that night they exchanged gunfire with an Alabama State Trooper who had stopped the Camry for speeding.

Wood and Rafsky were subdued and arrested after the gunfight.

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