Two Day Old Puppy Rescued (Great Story!)

An adorable puppy-- just a couple of days old-- trapped and in trouble!

Don't worry.

This one has a happy ending.

And it's thanks to Denver firefighters, who rescued the pup, caught in a bad spot.

We didn't know if we were going to get him out. It was a pretty scary situation.

Around 11 o'clock Saturday morning Denver firefighters got the call from this home on Elati Street.

A two day old puppy had fallen through a hole in the floorboards.

Hasn't even opened his eyes or nothing.

The Velarde family frantically tried to reach the chihuahua mix , while the pups' worried mother listened to his squeals.

You could seen it in her eyes she was stressing.. really stressing.

Firefighter Chad Cramner went downstairs and climbed into the 12 inch dirt crawlspace.

Pushing through the cobwebs, Cramner tunneled underground, until he saw something.

When I first shined the light on it I didn't think it was a dog I thought it was a rock.

Cramner looked closer, scooped up the pup, and brought him to safety.

It fit in my hand he's just a little guy so hopefully he comes out alright.

Reunited with his relieved mother and three siblings, the Velarde family gave the puppy a name...lucky.

Just to have him here alive and alright is a lucky situation.

A lucky family counting it's blessings after a "doggone" close call.

When you hold the little guy in your hand and know he's ok…it makes you feel good.

Anytime you have a happy ending, it's a good deal.

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