UPDATE - U.S. Confirms Maj. General Harold Greene Killed In Afghanistan

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UPDATE - 5:48 p.m.

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) -- A U.S. official has identified the senior officer killed in Afghanistan Tuesday as Maj. Gen. Harold Greene, the highest-ranking American officer killed in combat since 1970.

Greene was the deputy commanding general, Combined Security Transition Command-Afghanistan. An engineer by training, Greene was involved in preparing Afghan forces for the time when U.S.-coalition troops leave at the end of this year.

Greene was killed Tuesday in one of the bloodiest insider attacks of the long Afghanistan war when a gunman dressed as an Afghan soldier turned on allied troops, wounding about 15 U.S. and coalition forces. They included a German general and two Afghan generals.


WASHINGTON -- A U.S. official has said 16 of the victims of an Afghan insider attack on Tuesday were Americans, and at least one -- a two-star Major General -- was killed. CBS News correspondent David Martin reported that some of the 15 U.S. troops at the training camp near Kabul were in serious condition after the shooting.

A man dressed in an Afghan army uniform opened fire on foreign troops at Camp Qargha, a training center west of the capital, Kabul. A German brigadier general was reportedly wounded in the attack, which took place as senior NATO commanders met at the base, according to the German newspaper Spiegel.

Martin said it wasn't immediately clear whether the attacker was in fact a member of the Afghan military, or just wearing a stolen or fake uniform.

The two-star U.S. General killed in the attack was not immediately identified.

Gen. Mohammmad Zahir Azimi, a spokesman for Afghanistan's Defense Ministry, said a "terrorist in an army uniform" opened fire on both local and international troops. Azimi said the shooter had been killed.

CBS News' Ahmad Mukhtar reported that Camp Qargha is funded by Britain and is modeled on the esteemed Sandhurst British military academy. Camp Qargha is expected to be Britain's only military presence in the country after combat troops complete their pullout by next year.

Gen. Afzal Aman, director of operations at Afghan Defense Ministry, said three senior Afghan officers, including the Camp's commander Gen. Gulam Sakhi, were wounded in the shooting.

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