Two New Libraries Coming to Dothan

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When the city asked residents what they wanted to see in their community, they said they wanted more from their libraries.
And that’s exactly what they're getting.

Construction crews broke ground for two new libraries in the circle city Wednesday.

“This is a wonderful day. It shows how Dothan and Houston County pulled together for a project that benefits everybody.” Houston Love Memorial Library Manager Betty Forbus said.

Officials say before they even thought about constructing the new libraries, they did a lot of research.

“A lot of people have had the vision and a lot of people behind the scenes and lots of planning and talking with elected officials, talking with other libraries, visiting other libraries seeing what libraries can be.” Forbus said.

One will be built in the location right next to where the Houston county love memorial library is now.
The other will be at Westgate Park.

“It’s very exciting for the fact that we do visit Westgate Park quite a bit.” Dothan Resident Erik Vogt said.

Officials say Westgate Park will not only become a place to exercise physically, but also will become a place to exercise your mind.

“And it’s going to be enjoyable for us to come over here and be able to read books afterward come over and use the running trail or walk on the walking trail with the baby in the stroller.” Vogt said.

He thinks having two locations will offer many new opportunities for residents.
Officials say they're building both simultaneously so they can save money and buy building supplies in bulk.

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