Two Million Dollar Grant Awarded to Aid Alabama First Responders

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[Montgomery, Alabama] The State of Alabama has been awarded a grant for $2,044,932 to aid First Responders with implementing a strategic plan to improve voice and data communications through the FirstNet program.

FirstNet provides emergency responders with the first nationwide, high-speed network dedicated to public safety. FirstNet will increase collaboration to help emergency responders save more lives, solve more crimes and keep our communities safer.

Alabama will use the Alabama First Responder Wireless Commission (AFRWC) to implement the FirstNet. The AFRWC is responsible for strategic planning to satisfy the wireless communications and data services needs of Alabama’s first responders.

The AFRWC serves as the intergovernmental bridge between federal, state, local, tribal and private entities to promote collaboration and information sharing for the radio access network.

“This grant will allow us to begin planning for the National Public Safety Broadband Network to serve the needs of all our first responders across the state,” said Spencer Collier, Secretary of the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA) who chairs the AFRWC and serves as the grant’s administrative agency.

Funding guidelines for the grant dictate the funds must be used for governance, planning, education and outreach.