Two Elementary School Kids Save an Infant by CPR

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A mother whose baby stopped breathing credits two elementary school students for coming to his rescue.

Reporter Bill Liss spoke to those two Georgia boys who helped save the baby's life.

Susanna Rohm, Mother
"I was sitting in the living room with the baby, and I noticed that he was off that day. He just seemed kind of non-responsive. Something just didn't feel right. And I put my finger under his nose and realized he wasn't breathing,"

Rocky Hurt, Helped Save Baby
"We were outside playing football and somebody yelled, 'Call 911,' and so we were kind of freaking out."

Ethan Wilson, Helped Save Baby
"I said that even though if there is a burglar, we still need to help, because it's the right thing to do."

Susanna Rohm, Mother
"...and I am just continuing to scream not knowing what to do."

"...and then we found that the baby wasn't breathing."

Susanna Rohm, Mother
"...and then Rocky runs in, who I'd never met, and he's standing behind me and says..."

" push on the baby's chest five to ten times -- using two fingers -- tilt back the baby's head, plug the nose, and then breath into his mouth."

Susanna Rohm, Mother
"He said it so confidently that I just listened to him. I mean right away."

"He, like, screamed, and I told her that that's a good sign, because the baby's breathing."

Nine-year-old Rocky Hurt and 10-year-old Ethan Wilson learned how to do CPR from posted signs at their school, Sedalia Park Elementary.

"We just wanted to know just in case it happened, but we never knew we would have to do that."

"In real life."

Susanna Rohm, Mother
"If Rocky hadn't been outside playing right then, I definitely wouldn't have him sitting in my lap right now."

"We didn't care if we were on the news; we just cared about saving that baby."

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