Troy University to Open New School This Fall

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If you’ve ever wanted to coach football, manage a golf course or be a tour guide, Troy University now has the perfect program for you.
Students with a passion for sports and service are getting a wider selection this fall with the addition of a new program at Troy University.
It's the School of Hospitality, Sport and Tourism Management.
The HTSM major is a Bachelor’s Degree of Science. The new degree is being offered after the combination of two previous departments.
Director Anthony Dixon explains, “We had a sport and fitness management program that was housed in the department of kinesiology and health promotion and we had a hospitality and tourism management concentration area in the business school. And so we have merged those two programs to form this new school.”
That merger is a way to target students who love athletics as well as attractions.
Interim Dean John Miller says the combination makes perfect sense. “I think hospitality and tourism mesh very well with sport management, and because of that I think we’ll be able to service a very good niche of students who are interested in sport and tourism management," he says.
Even with interest rates for student loans on the rise, Dixon says prospective students and parents are excited about the new school.
“The interest has been overwhelming. Just this week I’ve had three phone calls each day from parents calling for their kids asking about the program and the opportunities.”
Those opportunities include signing up for a core of classes in the program before students pick a concentration: sports, hospitality, or tourism. They’ll also decide on an 18-hour minor.
The new program will offer classes on campus as well as at home online, a move Miller says will expand Troy's reach.
"It's a virtual world that we’re in and i think that troy university through our program and others will be at the forefront of it.”
The School of Hospitality, Sport and Tourism Management will launch August 1. Troy University will have faculty members for HTSM at satellite locations in Brunswick, Orlando, Fort Walton Beach, Atlanta, and San Antonio.
Students off of Troy’s main campus will have the opportunity for in-person classes, but the entire course load will be offered online.