Troy University Program Helps Pre-K Programs in Dothan

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A Troy University program is helping 3 pre-kindergarten programs in the circle city.

The Pre-K to Kindergarten Literacy Transition Project is in full swing.

"What we've heard from kindergarten teachers for years is, children are coming in at a wide range of levels and many of them not prepared for the academics that are now pushed down to kindergarten that were once in the first grade," Troy University Professor Cynthia Hicks said.

The goal is to improve preschoolers' literacy levels before they go to kindergarten.

"We want to help them reach that level so when they enter the school setting, they are prepared to be successful and lifelong learners and they don't start out behind," Hicks said.

"It's an excellent opportunity. Whenever you get support to help children learn, you take it," Owner of Angel’s Child Care and Academy Stephen Colvin said.

At Angel's Child Care and Academy, they're even adding brand new desks to give the kids more of a feeling of what a real classroom would be like.

"When they get to kindergarten we want our students to be prepared and feel natural and normal in that environment and be prepared to excel," Colvin said.

This is the second week teachers have taught the new curriculum.

"It's a growing enthusiasm and it's almost palpable, you can feel it. That's a very good thing, whenever you can get more enthusiasm from children and parents that's a positive thing."

Professors will visit the day cares once a month.

The project will last through May of 2014.

It's funded through a grant from the Wiregrass Foundation.