Troy University Honors Fallen Soldiers

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Alan farmer may look like any other retiree, but he's not.
He put his life on the line to defend the United States in Vietnam.

"When I left high school there wasn't much of an option to do anything else so I joined the Marine Corps. and part of the training that I got in the Marine Corps. allowed me to be able to perform real well in Vietnam."

Farmer and his wife traveled from their home in Oklahoma to the troy university campus for a special occasion on Friday.
Air force r-o-t-c cadets honored veterans, like farmer, by reading the names of 17-hundred soldiers dating from the revolutionary war through the present day who have been killed in action.

"Freedom isn't free and so many across the country throughout our history have paid the supreme price with physical damage and their lives so this is an opportunity to reflect upon that fact."

"We're real appreciative of it because most of us veteran that came through that Vietnam era didn't get much recognition."

"A lot of times some troops get overlooked I think. So it's really important to show that we still think of them and we respect them and we're thankful for what they did for us because it's coming Veterans Day and we have Thanksgiving coming up so it's just showing our thanks for what they did and the sacrifices that they made so that we could be here standing today."

Standing here today and always supporting those who support us.

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