Troy Summer Camps

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Troy University's Dothan Campus is kicking off their summer camps this week.

Today Forensic Science Camp and Girls Math Camp started.

Troy University's Forensic Science Summer Program gives kids hands on training in crime scene investigation.

Today kicked off the first day of the week-long program.

This year the camp's focus is the science of Entomology and Toxicology, in other words bugs and drugs.

The students will learn how insects provide important clues in a death investigation.

The students will be learning about entomology and toxicology throughout the week with hands-on activities.

Troy University's girls' math camp at the Dothan campus also started today.

26 girls from 7th to 10th grade are ready to learn.

The week-long camp gives girls the chance to hear from women working in the science, technology and math fields.

This year the Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine is joining forces with Troy University to host the event.