Troy Sees Largest Graduating Class

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Today more than 600 students crossed the Trojan Arena stage, making it the largest class to graduate from Troy University.

Degrees in hand, Troy graduates are ready to embark on their next journey.

Rusty Williams said, “I’m elated. This has been a life long dream for me, having been a first generation college student in my family.”

Alabama Governor Robert Bentley was the keynote speaker. His address touched on the importance of having the right attitude for the road ahead.

Gov. Bentley said, “Always try to be a compassionate, servant leader wherever you are and whatever situation you are in.”

A road with a job market that seems to be looking up.

Bentley said, “Our economy is picking up some, its not as much as we would like it to. But everyday I work to create jobs in the state. We are announcing a lot of new industries, high-tech industries that will need college graduates to help them.”

Alabama’s unemployment rate has dropped from over 9 percent to close to 6 percent. And that makes students optimistic about the job market.

Rusty said, “My profession is placing people in jobs. That is what I do for a living. So I will tell you that, someone doing that for a living, the job market is picking up tremendously and for college graduates a time is never greater than now to get a degree.”

A degree and life lessons from a Troy education that students will carry with them.

Katherine Lewis said, “Here at Troy I learned that you don’t need to give up. You just need to keep pushing into you get what you set out to accomplish. And once you accomplish that you can do anything in life.”

This was the first spring graduation to be held in the Trojan arena.
More than 650 students were there but the entire graduating class included more than 900.

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