Could Troy Soon Be Smoke Free?

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TROY, AL-- A proposal by the city of Troy is sparking pushback by smokers.

Janorris Cogburn said, "Banning smoking in the entire city is pretty much impossible."

Although it may not be possible to cut out smoking entirely, the city is trying to put their foot down about lighting up in public.

Johnny Witherington, Troy City Council said, "We already have a smoking ordinance this just expands it a little bit."

The 2006 ordinance has some exceptions. "Before some of the exemptions were bars, lounges, cigar shops," Witherington said.

The new ordinance will expand, making all public places smoke free.

Owners of bars or restaurants who don't comply could see fines starting at $100 dollars. And it doesn't just apply to inside.

Witherington said, "Outside you cannot within 20 feet of a public place, there's a limitation there…It's our concern to be worried about the public health and welfare."

But some residents don't think it will make a difference.

Cogburn said, "Banning it is not going to stop it. You are still going to have the people that smoke regardless of the fact of them trying to ban it. It is just going to cause more problems and paper work for them."

A public hearing will be held on June 25th at 5 p.m. at the Troy City Hall before the council can vote.

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