Troy-Dothan University Graduation

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Sunday was a monumental day for Troy-Dothan University students. More than 200 students graduated into the next chapter of their lives. Houston County Commission Chairman, Mark Culver, felt honored to be the key note speaker.

“It’s a huge day for a lot of people. They've spent a lot of time and effort in obtaining this degree,” said Culver.

The body of his message was simple: take action, be proactive, and live outside your comfort zone.

Culver stated, “I think the main thing I would tell them is to make their choices wisely. We'll all be faced with forks in the road, if you will, and I would encourage them to take those forks.”

These new graduates are the future leaders of our community. Now, it is their turn to lend a helping hand.

“To be involved in the community. Reach out to those that need help. They’re people that have stood beside them to get them to today; they can be that person for other people now,” explained Culver.

As they enter the job market, Culver wanted them to know it is okay to make mistakes; learn from life's lessons, and move on. Graduation is just the beginning of many more monumental days.

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