Tropics: Big storms hit Mexico from Opposite Directions

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Two storms are pummeling Mexico from opposite directions.
The remnants of Tropical Storm Manuel continue to drench Mexico's southwestern Pacific shoulder with dangerous rains while Hurricane Ingrid is heading for a Monday landfall on the country's opposite coast. Mexican officials say the unusual double onslaught has caused at least 21 deaths.

The heaviest blow Sunday fell on the southern coastal state of Guerrero, where Mexico's government reports 14 confirmed deaths. State officials say people have been killed in landslides, by drownings in a swollen river and a truck crash on a rain-slickened mountain highway.

The U.S. National Hurricane Center says Ingrid could reach the mainland by Monday morning, most likely along the lightly populated coast north of the port of Tampico.

Mexico's National Weather Service says getting hit by a tropical storm and a hurricane at the same time "is completely atypical."

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