Traffic Light Change in Dothan

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Blinking traffic lights are no longer a common sight in Dothan.

“It’s changed Dothan’s grown traffic patterns have changed.” Traffic Engineer Charles Metzger said.

Especially in the downtown area, traffic lights used to start blinking around nine o' clock.
But officials say traffic research showed the blinking lights were starting to cause problems.

“It’s about safety and about knowing when you need to flash them. We took at traffic count tried to make sure the intersections.” Metzger said.

Metzger says safety issues played a big role in the changing of the light systems.

“Some of them, we tried to make sure there wasn’t a blind corner where they couldn’t see to pull out of the side street.” Metzger said.

Now at around 7 or eight, they have went to a system that Metzger calls "free" where the lights on a main street will stay green, until a car pulls up to the intersection from a side street.
But there are some exceptions.

“But if you get out around the mall or west gate, we have to run systems out there and coordination out there till later at night, because of all the malls and theaters and restaurants out there.” Metzger said.

Metzger says he knows the new system may be hard to get used to but it’s a better and safer move for the city.

There are still some places in town that do have flashing red lights, but those are in places where traffic is at a minimum.

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