Top Five Travel Trends for 2013

Brannon Stand Road
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As the holiday season wraps up, many are thinking about travel for 2013.
U-S-A Today is reporting the top five trends to look out for this year.
Number one:
Expect to pay more for your plane tickets. Or at the very best-- don't plan on getting any great deals.
Number two:
You're going to pay more money in fees...
things like checked bags.. hotel safes... and rental car extras.
Number three:
More airlines joining forces so there will be less competition.
Analysts say to watch for U-S Airways and American merging.
Number four:
Look for gas prices to drop.
And number five:
You're going to see more protection from the Transportation Department, in terms of transparency in airline ticket pricing and contracts.
So there you have it.
Pack your bags and bon voyage, wherever you decide to go this year.

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