Top 10 Places to Retire

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As an 8 year retiree, Gail Taylor spends her Thursdays volunteering.

"I'm glad to be able to keep on doing something, I'm not ready for the rocking chair yet," said Taylor.

Gail and her husband came to Dothan after evacuating from Slidell, Louisiana during Hurricane Katrina.
That visit turned into their final destination.

"We had just retired so we moved here to be near family and discovered that it was a great place to live," Taylor explained.

A great place for several reasons.

"The climate's great, it's not too expensive there are a lot of things to do, it's close to the beach."

According to a study by
Alabama ranks 8th, with three intriguing benefits retirees may like.

It has some of the lowest local and state taxes in the nation.

The cost of living is relatively low.

And its temperatures are among the warmest in the U.S.

In Dothan not only is the cost of living a plus, so are the services available to seniors.

"I mean we've got SARCOA, hello. There's also many many places to volunteer."

Gail says living in a great place only adds to her retirement.

"I feel like we have a second life, if you will and it's been very rewarding, we've enjoyed being retired."

Tennessee topped the list.
With the second lowest cost of living in the country.

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