Tips to Prevent Online Holiday Shopping Scams

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It's so easy and fast to shop online for the holidays, but online buyers beware - some scams prey particularly on online shoppers hunting for the best deal.

Make this holiday shopping scam free. The technology website "Techlicious" put together a list of the top three scams to watch out for as you makie your gift purchases online.

Be wary of unknown sites.

If it's too good to be true, it probably is. Many sites will entice you by luring you in with discount coupons. Beware of this, especially if you're asked for a lot of personal information just to get the coupon. This is a red flag. You can usually spot these sites if you're careful about the spelling -many of them will have misspelled names on purpose. Like adding an extra a in Target.

Be wary of links.

Many offers will show up in your inbox or via a text on your phone from accounts you don't recognize. Be very careful before you open them. If it's not from someone you know, it's best to not open the link, even if it is for a great deal.

Be wary of gift cards. Not all gift cards are cause for concern. Look out for gift cards that offer great deals at unheard of prices, and they shouldn't ask for extensive personal information.

You'll sense a pattern here to these tips from "Techlicious." Many of the scammers are basically luring you in to trick you to fork over personal information. That should be your first red flag that the deal is not what you're signing up for.

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