Safety Tips for the Freezing Weather

From your home, to your garden there are things you can do to prevent expensive repairs and keep your plants alive.

"This does not feel like South Alabama weather, but it is a very stark reminder of why I live in South Alabama. I don't think i could handle this on a very regular basis," said Susan Holmes.

For those of us who aren't used to the cold weather protecting your pipes probably isn't a priority.

"The problem with pipes freezing is the water expands while it freezes and that's going to cause metal or a plastic pipe to rupture. That's going to lead to a possibly very dangerous repair and maybe water in your home," said Holmes.

To thaw pipes that may have frozen you can turn on the faucet.

If you get a trickle of water to let it keep running but you can hit the pipes with a warm towel, a heating pad, even a hairdryer and as long as the water is moving it should eventually free itself.

For pipes under your home that may be exposed to freezing temperatures, opening the cabinet doors in the kitchen and the bathroom would help some of that heated air circulate and help prevent some of that.

As for your plants, first off if they’re in containers or house plants, you've definitely got to have those inside even during the day time this time of year.

If you have prized plants or citrus trees, you can cover them for a few nights. You can take plastic or a blanket and toward evening time cover them up. What that'll do is it'll kind of hold some of that heat coming from the ground around that plant.

However, if you put the cover on at night, make sure to take it off the next day.