Time is Running Out to Vote Absentee

Alabama’s primary election is rapidly approaching. Next Tuesday, June 3, voters will head to the polls to decide which candidates you’ll see on the ballot in November.

If you can't make it to the polls, you still have time to vote absentee.

Houston County Clerk Carla Woodall has been in charge of absentee voting for years, and she said the turnout so far has been low.

“People thinking I’ll wait until school gets out. I’m planning vacations. I’m planning this. They can always do it tomorrow. Well tomorrow is here. If you’re not going to be here on June 3, come in and absentee vote. It’s very important,” said Woodall.

But there are deadlines to remember.

Your absentee application must be turned in by Thursday.

Your ballot must be postmarked no later than Monday. However, if you plan to deliver your ballot by hand that deadline is Friday.

Woodall fears many will choose not to vote at all because there aren’t many races on the primary ballot.

“What people need to understand, it doesn’t matter if there are fewer races it’s still every race is your voice. Every race it’s important. Every election it’s important to vote. Just because we don’t have as many local races as typical for a primary election doesn’t mean it’s any less important,” said Woodall.

Since this is a primary election, be prepared to decide whether you will vote Democrat or Republican.

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