Thrift Store Holiday Shopping

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Whether its clothing, or items for your home, thrift stores in Dothan seem to have large selections of pretty much everything you can image.
And employees say that it’s their vintage treasures at cheap prices, that’s attracting people to shop here during the holidays.

Wiregrass resident Lydia Devore has been scouring thrift stores for nearly forty years.
And in that time frame she’s learned they can be one of the best places to shop on a budget.

“Everything I’ve got on came from the thrift store.” Wiregrass resident Lydia Devore said.

Devore says it’s not only a good place to go for your everyday shopping, but also your holiday shopping.

“I think it’s a good idea because the economy’s so bad.” Devore said.

“Christmas time there’s so much to spend on, why not save a dollar and come and save it here and you can still give something that will be valuable to that person.”Executive Director of the Dothan Rescue Mission Brad Hardy said.

“I found this for my sister it’s only a dollar and she has canisters that match it and I bought her towels.” Devore said.

Devore and hardy say just because things are recycled doesn’t mean they're trash.

“A lot of people donate and recycle a lot of things that they are already done with whether it’s a family or individual that can get a lot out of what someone has already finished.” Hardy said.

“I mean thrift store shopping when everything is 50, 75, 90 percent off that’s when you should shop even if it’s for the next year because you know, things last a long time!” Devore said.

And Devores favorite part of thrift store shopping...
“I like the people who buy stuff new and decide when they get home they don’t want it and so I can get it at a discount price.”

A price that Devore says it well worth it.

Hardy says they are always accepting donations for the rescue mission thrift store, especially during the holidays.

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