Three Meth Labs in Henry County are Shut Down

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Henry County Sheriff Will Maddox says his department shut down three meth labs in just four days.

The first was on November 15th at a home on Franklin Street in Abbeville.

The second was on November 19th at a home on County Road 99 near Tumbleton.

On November 20th, officers stopped a car with a meth lab in it.
The suspects in that traffic stop were linked to the lab found near Tumbleton.

"A lot of them have been one drugs for several years so its hard for them get off and it's hard for them purchase because they have no money so they rely on manufacturing, which is a serious crime," said Sheriff Maddox.

Sheriff Maddox says unfortunately the sheriff's department doesn't have the man power to have drug task force to look for drug houses.

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