Three Facing Drug Charges in Jackson County

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WJHG - A newspaper delivery man reported what he thought was a hostage situation inside a Jackson county home early Sunday morning.

At least that's what three people yelling from a second story window told him.

Residents thought assailants were trying to attack them inside their home, that ended up not being true.

Now those three are in the Jackson County Jail.

This house here on Little Dothan Road is now quiet, but early Sunday morning, that wasn't the case.

"It appears after the officers got there and secured the residents that the individuals were telling the officers they had been held at gun point and hostage and had to fight their way to safety," explained Sheriff Lou Roberts.

The three believing they were in danger grabbed a shotgun and rifle and fired multiple rounds inside the home, shooting out windows and through walls.

They even ripped out a bathroom sink and toilet and threw them out of the window at the imaginary attackers.

But upon further investigation, officers found no such assailants inside the home, And said 30 year-old Matthew McDaniel, 21 year-old Damian Hines and 18 year-old Madison Douglas were hallucinating.

"There was existence of a meth lab, there was some meth that had not been consumed. There was items used to ingest meth. They had apparently, illusions of what was going on in their minds, due to the, because of the intake of drugs," explained Sheriff Roberts.

Deputies say all their wounds were self-inflicted.

"There's not a family in Jackson County that has not been affected in some way shape or form by the use of meth. They probably experiment with them in the beginning and become addicted to them quickly, and it alters not only their life but it alters everyone around them and their families are the ones that suffer," he added.

The three appeared in court this morning. They’re facing multiple charges including possession of drug paraphernalia.

Sheriff Roberts says the damage to the home totaled more than $10,000.

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