Threats Made Against Faine Elementary

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A Dothan woman is behind bars after police say she walked into Faine elementary and made threats.
After the mass shooting at sandy hook elementary, schools have been on high alert, and officials at Faine went straight into action.

"We went into a soft lockdown which means the children are, no one is walking outside the building, we are inside classes are going on.” Jerry Lee Faine Elementary Principal Debra Wright said.

Parents found out about the lockdown, and didn't want to take any chances.

"Because of what happened with the kids last week in school and now it’s happening here. And I just want to make sure they are safe." Grandmother Lorie Larkins said.

The principal says the children were safe at all times, but for some people like Larkins, comfort only came after having her grandson in her arms.

“Being a concerned grandparent. I worried about my kids like I’m worried about the rest of them. So I would feel better if he just goes home today and if everything is alright tomorrow he'll be back tomorrow.” Larkins said.

Here's how it all started. Police say 55-year-old Glendell Hasan walked into the elementary school just after eight Tuesday morning.
They claim she started threatening the school.
Once police took Hasan into custody, the school lifted the lockdown.

“Later on in the morning we did come out of lock down and everything is ok, we are all clear.” Wright said.

Hasan is being charged with making terroristic threats and being held on a 25-hundred dollar bond.

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